Schools That Rock (Pty) Ltd has developed a website for schools which was launched in  March 2015. Since then the website established itself as a very popular communication medium for schools to share their news to the world out there. Currently we have 17 websites for Schools That Rock covering all provinces in South Africa. The northern areas are managed by Les van Dyk (located in Gauteng) and the southern areas by Christo du Randt (located in Bloemfontein).

As the only website of its’ kind in South Africa, has, in its’ short period of existence, delivered results for the participating schools and advertisers and at the same time established itself in the hearts and minds of the learners, teachers, parents and their families.

Visitors to our website are growing daily. We cover sport, academy, culture, career planning, etc. We are also busy to link up with several tertiary quarters to assist learners with career planning.

Although Schools That Rock is a very young company, we are looking forward to a very bright future in serving the schools of South Africa.

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