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Schools That Rock Franchises for sale serves South Africa’s schools, learners, parents, families and friends. This low cost business opportunity is the only one of its’ kind in South Africa and has, within the first year of its existence, proved itself as a winner. Turnover for this online business is gained by selling advertising space on the website.

Schools That Rock

About Schools That Rock

Schools That Rock (Pty) Ltd was established in February 2015 and has developed a website promoting various school-activities.

Since the launch of the website, it has established itself as a very popular communication medium for schools to share their news with the outside world. Currently only schools in the Free State and Northern Cape are covered, but by franchising, the business will be expanded to all nine provinces in South Africa.

As the only website of its’ kind in South Africa, has, in its short period of existence, delivered great results for the participating schools and advertisers while, at the same time, establishing itself in the hearts and minds of the learners, teachers, parents,friends and their families.

Visitors to the website are growing daily. Topics covered are sport, academy, culture, career planning, etc. Several tertiary institutions have joined to assist learners with career planning.

Although Schools That Rock is a young company, we are looking forward to a very bright future in serving the schools of South Africa.

Everything you need to know about becoming part of the Schools That Rock family and earning a good profit on your investment.

The ideal Franchisee

  1. Be able to cope with the isolation of self-employment
  2. Be able to exercise self-discipline
  3. Be able to think about what effects of working for myself will have on my future
  4. Be able handle being unsure at times
  5. Be able to accept advice
  6. Be able to generate enough money to meet payments to run a business and pay off debt commitments
  7. Be able to demonstrate the willingness to understand and deal with a business situation in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome
  8. Be able to demonstrate the willingness to understand and deal with a business situation in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome
  9. Has the ability to be a leader in his community
  10. Has a passion for the business and believe in his own abilities
  11. Has to be a positive, passionate person who will be able to provide the best for the business and community
  12. See your franchise as a GPS. It takes you where you want to be
  13. Has the ability to go from Good to Great
  14. Has the ability to motivate himself as well as his employees
  15. Has a proven record of successes achieved
  16. Has the ability to work on his own
  17. Has the ability to grow his business
  18. See this business as a vehicle to help you achieve your LIFE goals

Finance Requirements

Investment in this Franchise ranges from R55,000 to R90,000 depending on location.

Working capital needed for the first  2 to 3 months is approximately  R27, 900 p/m

Management fee: the highest of 10% of turnover or R5000

Marketing fee: 3% of turnover

Investment Benefits

  • A low-cost Franchise
  • Proven business concept – a blueprint for your success
  • Registered brand
  • Well-developed website
  • Well-developed systems
  • Ongoing system developments
  • Complete management franchise
  • Centralised admin and accounting – minimum staff – low overheads
  • Territories throughout South Africa – one Franchise per area
  • Full training and on-going support
  • Complete list of schools in your area
  • Ongoing new innovations

Schools That Rock Locations

We have developed a system enabling us to not only ensure you have the right number of businesses (advertisers) in your exclusive territory but that we know their size and ability to generate enough revenue to support the commercial forecasts.

The following territories are available:

  • Western Cape: 4 Franchises available (R60,000 – R85,000)
  • Eastern Cape: 2 Franchises available (R70,000)
  • KZN: 1 Franchise available (R85,000)
  • Free State: 1 Franchise available (R75,000)
  • Northern Cape: 1 Franchise available (R60,000)
  • North-West Province: 1 Franchise available (R75,000)
  • Gauteng: 5 Franchises available (R75,000 – R90,000)
  • Mpumalanga: 1 Franchise available (R60,000)
  • Limpopo Province: 1 Franchise available (R55,000)

Schools That Rock Training & Support

Full hands-on training and support will be supplied to the franchise owner and advertising consultants covering all aspects of the Franchise.

Training and support include:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Systems
  • Ongoing system developments
  • Technical knowledge
  • New innovations

Franchise owners are provided with the training, tools and support required to exceed the expectations of their customers and supporters. The Franchise owner requires only the determination to apply the proven model and the dedication to make it work.

Together we will lay the foundations for a thriving business.

We believe that a key to our success is the ongoing support offered which include seminars, new innovations, etc. We are there to support you and help you develop a highly successful business that you enjoy every day.

Should you be interested in exploring this great franchise opportunity, simply complete the below application form and we will contact you to discuss the possibilities available.

Schools That Rock (Pty) Ltd will never use or sell the information provided in this enquiry for any other purpose than assessing the application for a Schools That Rock franchise.

Please note that by completing the application form does not guarantee the sale of a franchise. All applicants will be subject to a selection and assessment process in the sole discretion of Schools That Rock (Pty) Ltd.

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